New Stock Loaded 15th Feb 2020

We hope you enjoy the most recent additions to the inventory. Remember that our shipping is all done by courrier and the rates start at 500gr. In other words it pays to make sure you get as close to 500gr as possible as the rate will be exactly the same (0 - 500gr same price) so choose a few items totalling as close to 500gr and save on the shipping. Note all purchases in excess of USD 100 automatically qualify for a 10% discount at checkout. We have done this to reduce the shipping costs as much as possible. 

Kind regards

The Cape Mineral Team 


Featured products

Agate (Queensland, Australia)

Agate Creek, Queensland, Australia. 50mm x 30mm x 70mm.

Prehnite Epimorph after Calcite (South Africa)

Soetwater, Northern Cape, South Africa. 135mm x 90mm x 40mm.

Blue Lace Agate, Namibia.

Ysterputs, Namibia. 90mm x 60mm x 55mm.

Descloizite (Namibia)

Berg Aukas Mine, Namibia. 50mm x 80mm x 40mm.

Black Tourmaline (Namibia)

Erongo, Namibia. 40mm x 50mm(Tall) x 45mm.

Fluorite (Namibia)

Okorusu Mine, Namibia. 75mm x 70mm x 30mm.

Mimetite (Tsumeb, Namibia)

Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. 50mm x 60mm(tall) x 30mm.

Fluorite with Quartz (Namibia)

Erongo Region, Namibia. 60mm x 50mm x 30mm.
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