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Hello and welcome to Cape Minerals.

Important Notice for South African Clients

For our South African clients, please take note that we will continue to provide manual invoices and arrange payments via EFT, there is no need for PayPal. Please simply contact us with the desired SKU's and we will do our best to reserve them and arrange invoicing and shipping manually. 

International Shipping news update..

We are happy to announce that the international shipping rates are now managed by DHL. The new rate is a "catch all" rate for the first 1500gr of specimens selected. This allows our international clients the opportunity to select multiple specimens and still pay the same rate as they would for a single specimen. Please use the weight guide provided for each specimen under the description "packed shipping weight..."  as a guide and maximise the opportunity to get up to 1500gr of rocks shipped at the base rate!

Local / Domestic Shipping news update.. 

Locally our clients in South Africa are afforded free shipping for any mineral orders exceeding R1000 in value (Exluding the boxes, here shipping rates have to apply)

Please note that all domestic parcels are now shipped "Postnet to Postnet"   

White Fold Up Boxes (Mineral Boxes):

As of December 2021 we have bought over the stock and production of the "little white boxes" that have previously been produced and marketed to the collector / dealer fraternity in the Western Cape. These are now available in many sizes, sold as "flat packs" in packs of 50 units. Please note these boxes are currently only available to our clients in South Africa and Namibia, full details on these are on the tab on the home page (Top left)    


Any queries please feel free to contact us at

Kind regards

Graham & Nicky at Cape Minerals

Featured products

Aquamarine on Feldspar

Erongo Complex, Namibia. 20mm x 20mm.
R 200.00

Rutilated Quartz

Novo Horizonte, Brazil. 90mm x 60mm x 55mm.
R 2 000.00


Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. 40mm x 35mm.
R 300.00
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