Amethyst (Namibia)

Sarusas, Skeleton Coast, Namibia. 160mm x 100mm x 60mm.
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A absolutly stunning Amethyst geode from the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. without a doubt a area that has earned it's name over the years. After the wreck of the Duneedan along the coastline and what is still to today deemed as one of the greatest rescue attempts along the coastline of Southern Africa a mining operation was established. The compamny (Westies Minerals) mined this deposit for the Amethyst that was then shipped to Germany (Idar Oberstein), the venture did not last long and the place has long since been abandoned. We where fortunate enough to acquire a large collection of these Amethysts as well as the associated agates and Carnelian. I am reluctantly parting with a few of these specimens as space is becoming a issue. I will miss this specimen and sincerely hope it goes to a collector that will enjoy it and the history associated with it.  Packed up shipping weight +/- 900gr