Azurite. (Tsumeb, Namibia)

Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Namibia. 30mm x 28mm x 8mm.
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Azurite is perhaps one of the most famous minerals from Tsumeb with mineral collectors - It's certainly one of the most sought after minerals online! They were commonly found throughout the first oxidation zone, along with a couple of finds in the second oxidation zone. Generally speaking, Azurite often shows some alteration to Malachite - Another common psuedomorph is Tennantite after Azurite.

The Easter Pocket of 1994 is possibly the most famous find - Named after the day the specimens were removed. Curiously, many years earlier another famous pocket of Azurite was opened on 8 level - The Kegel pocket, in 1929. The last great find of Azurite occured in 1980 - The Perkins pocket, on level 35.

The mineral is monoclinic, with many habits noted from Tsumeb, from tabular specimens to divergent sprays and prismatic crystals.

The specimen represented here is a lovely crystal sitting on matrix, representing well what can still be acquired from Tsumeb.