Flourite – Perhaps the world’s most rainbow-esque mineral?
A (Belated) update from the 2017 Munich Mineral show, and a discussion about colours and fluorescence in Fluorite!
The Kalahari Manganese Fields
An introduction to the mines and geology of the Kalahari Manganese Fields for mineral collectors, featuring some specimens from the Cape Minerals private collection!
Crystal Habits
A brief introduction to crystal habits for the mineral collector and amateur geologist.
Prehnite - Truly a South African Mineral!
A brief look at Prehnite in South Africa
Manganese – Cape Town’s hidden secret
A look at the Hout Bay Manganese deposit, along with some of our colleagues and friends.
Pseudomorphism - What does it all mean?
A brief introduction to pseudomorphism for the mineral collector and enthusiast.
The pegmatites of the Lower Orange River
A look at the location, geology and origin of the famous Pegmatites of the Orange River area.
Down the famous N'Chwaning II Mine
A trip down the well known N'Chwaning II mine - Including mineral collecting!