The Kalahari Manganese Fields
An introduction to the mines and geology of the Kalahari Manganese Fields for mineral collectors, featuring some specimens from the Cape Minerals private collection!
Crystal Habits
A brief introduction to crystal habits for the mineral collector and amateur geologist.
Prehnite - Truly a South African Mineral!
A brief look at Prehnite in South Africa
Manganese – Cape Town’s hidden secret
A look at the Hout Bay Manganese deposit, along with some of our colleagues and friends.
Pseudomorphism - What does it all mean?
A brief introduction to pseudomorphism for the mineral collector and enthusiast.
The pegmatites of the Lower Orange River
A look at the location, geology and origin of the famous Pegmatites of the Orange River area.
Down the famous N'Chwaning II Mine
A trip down the well known N'Chwaning II mine - Including mineral collecting!