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Dickite with Chantalite (South Africa)

Clairwood Quarry, Durban, Natal, South Africa. 90mm x 60mm x 30mm.
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This is a significant specimen from South Africa. The full description that will be sent with this specimen is as follows:

"Chantalite occurs as grains (invisible) with Dickite. Some Truscottite mat be associated. Identified Roger Dixon, S.A. Geological Survey. Note i cannot gaurentee the presence of Chantalite without X-raying the sample, all i can say is that i am almost certain Chantalite is present. Personally collected July 1984 from Clairwood Quarries, sub 517 of Mobeni 13538, Umhlatuzana Valley, Durban. 

We are proud to have retrieved this specimen, the old label and information and hope it goes to a collection that will treasure it. packed shipping weight +/- 300gr.