Fine mineral specimens and interesting samples from across the globe! As an online rock shop, one often gets offers of mineral collections for sale, some of which contain amazing international specimens that we offer for sale here!

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Pyrrhotite (Russia)

Nikolaevskiy Mine, Dal Negork, Primorskiy, Russia. 30mm x 30mm x 20mm.
R 500,00

Quartz (Brazil)

Novo Horizonte Brazil. 50mm x 35mm.
R 1 000,00

Quartz var Amethyst (Mt Isa, Queensland)

Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia. 50mm x 20mm.
R 200,00

Quartz with mud inclusions, Lincoln County USA

Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA. 30mm x 30mm.
R 300,00

Rhodochrosite (Argentina)

Capillitas Mine, Catamarca, Argentina. 80mm x 70mm x 3mm.
R 1 500,00

Roselite, Morocco.

Aghbar Mine, Bou Azzer, Morocco. 40mm x 25mm x 20mm.
R 500,00