A few years back we acquired a large micromount collection, we thought we had sold the entire lot however while working through our inventory a case of these specimens popped out again.  The bulk of these micromounts are from the Busveld Complex in South africa as well as from Namibia, there are also however numerous international specimens. 

These specimens are sold "as is" in packs of 4 to a box, they will present everyone with the opportunity to do some research on them in order to identify them. We have made them as cheap as possible in order to create some fun and interest in the hobby. Note the image below showing the little box (1 inch x 1 inch) as well as the way you will recieve them - with numbers on the boxes, these can easily be removed if required. 

Note to our international clients: Please remember the shipping base rate is calculated on the first 1500gr regardless of what it is, please use the guideline "packed shipping weight" on all of our inventory throughout the site in order to get as close as possible to this weight and in doing so maximise the shipping costs. 

We sincerely hope all our clients will enjoy the challenge presented by these specimens as well as their individual beauty.  

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Micros Set 48

Four assorted micromounts, packed shipping weight 90gr.