Mineral Boxes

These trusty little white boxes are:

  • Made from high grade white card(Strong and sturdy)
  • Sold in "Flat Packs" for ease of transportation and storage
  • Sold in sets of 100 units per pack 
  • Dimensions given are for the "floorspace" of the little box when folded up.
  • Please note that for now they are only available for our Namibian as well as South African clients - we are currently unable to export them. 


Note that we do need to charge shipping for the boxes, this will be done PostNet to PostNet

Please find the pricing below, please contact us at  info@capeminerals.co.za  with your request and we will provide you with a comprehensive quote together with the shipping costs.

Box Pricing
SizePrice / BoxPackPack Price
30mm x 30mm R        1,00100 R  100,00
40mm x 40mm R        1,10100 R  110,00
50mm x 50mm R        1,30100 R  130,00
60mm x 64mm R        1,60100 R  160,00
75mm x 75mm R        1,80100 R  180,00
84mm x 94mm R        2,00100 R  200,00
120mm x 120mm R        4,0050 R  200,00

If your not clear on how to fold the boxes please contact us and we will send you a short video that will demonstrate the process (It's easy when you know how)