Unusual mineral specimens and geological samples.

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Chibiny - Gebirge, Kola Halbinsel, Russia. 25mm x 40mm x 20mm, 55 grams.
R 500.00

Feldspar (Adularia) with Rutile

Vanrynsdorp area, Northern Cape, South Africa. 20mm x 30mm x 15mm, 11 grams.
R 200.00


Balama Region, Mazambique. 45mm x 15mm x 15mm, 37 Grams.
R 100.00


Vioolsdrift area, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. 45mm x 28mm x 14mm, 59 grams.
R 250.00

Native Silver

Pohla, Saxony, Germany. 25mm x 36mm x 10mm, 71.5 grams.
R 4 000.00


Noumas I Pegmatite, Northern Cape, South Africa. 33mm x 60mm x 62mm, 225 grams.
R 200.00