Shipping & returns

Cape Minerals does not accept liability for any import tariffs with regards to mineral specimens. These are payable upon parcel arrival within your country. Import tariffs are payable upon delivery. Many countries do not tax the import of mineral specimens.

Cape Minerals quotes shipping fees based on your location and address entered into the payment system – Cape Minerals and its affiliates cannot be held liable for incorrect shipping information and reserve the right to add a surcharge upon correction of shipping address as required.

Cape Minerals does not guarantee a set shipping transit time – This is dependent on customs within your country, however fourteen (14) days is a good guide for international transit times. A tracking number will be issued to the client via our shipping company if an email address is supplied by the client. We can be contacted at any time for more information regarding your parcel.

Discounts for bulk orders can be organized before payment by contacting Cape Minerals here prior to payment depending on the total shipping weight.

Returns policy

Cape Minerals requires proof of damage in transit which will be verified with our shipping company. Upon confirmation of damage due to shipping Cape Minerals reserves the right to have the damaged specimen shipped back to the Company.

Proof takes the form of photographic evidence of damage to your parcel (Prior to opening the parcel, if it is damaged) and photographic evidence of damage to the mineral specimen.

Cape Minerals can be contacted for any returns here – These are treated with the highest priority and the client can expect to be contacted within 48 hours (Time zone dependant).

All refunds will be done via PayPal of for local orders via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).