Southern Africa

Southern Africa is perhaps one of the most mineral rich areas in the world - From the extensive, quartz and beryl rich pegmatites of the Northern Cape to the Tsumeb copper mine and the Kalahari Manganese fields - Excluding the other geological wonders of the area, the Kaapvaal Craton and the Witwatersrand gold fields, one of the most well known deposits globally. We could talk for hours about the first in situ find of diamonds and the subsequent naming of the rock Kimberlite, or the lovely Amethyst geodes found at Josini.


Presented in this category are some of the lovely minerals and rock samples that don't simply fall into one of our main categories, or represent a small, not well known mineral deposit. We hope that this presentation appeals to you, the customer, and that the sale of these minerals enriches your mineral collection!

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Kyanite ( Mwami, Zimbabwe)

Mwami, Zimbabwe. 120mm x 40mm x 30mm.
R 250,00

Lepidolite (Northern Cape, South Africa)

Pegmatites in the Northern Cape, South Africa. 60mm x 50mm x 10mm.
R 150,00

Lepidolite (Northern Cape, South Africa)

Henkries, Northern Cape, South Africa. 30mm x 30mm x 13mm.
R 60,00

Magnesite pseudomorph after Asbestos, (South Africa)

Kaapmuiden, South Africa. 100mm x 50mm x 40mm.
R 300,00

Malachite (Kombat Mine, Namibia)

Kombat Mine, Namibia. 30mm x 20mm x 25mm.
R 100,00

Messina Quartz (South Africa)

5 Shaft, Messina Mine, Limpopo Province, South Africa. 45mm x 45mm x 25mm.
R 300,00