Special deals and low prices on interesting mineral specimens - Some of the best bargains you'll find on the internet! There are some gems hidden here, waiting for you to find!

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Azurite Thumbnail (Tsumeb, Namibia)

Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto region, Namibia. (Height is 20mm)
R 232.00 R 100.00

Cerussite, (Broken Hill Mine, Australia)

Broken Hill Mine, Australia. 80mm x 60mm x 50mm.
R 406.00 R 200.00

Manganite (Ilfeld Germany)

Nordhausen, Harz, Thuringia, Germany.
R 1 740.00 R 1 000.00

Natrolite, (Ardglen Quarry NSW, Australia)

Ardglen Quarry, New South Wales, Australia. 70mm x 40mm x 40mm.
R 348.00 R 100.00

Olmiite. (Kalahari Manganese Fields, South Africa. )

N'Chwaning 2 Mine, Kalahari Manganese Fields, South Africa. 40mm (H),20mm (w).
R 348.00 R 150.00

Quartz (Vanrynsdorp Dist. South Africa)

Vanrynsdorp District. Northern Cape, South Africa. 95mm x 80mm x 60mm.
R 464.00 R 150.00