Spirit Quartz

These fine specimens, often termed cactus quartz, fairy quartz or spirit quartz, originate from Boekenhoutskloof in South Africa. They are found in a truly massive deposit with interesting variations in colour - From milky to orange and deep purple Amethyst! The Amethyst specimens of cactus quartz are becoming more uncommon, as the large majority of what is recovered is a paler, milky colour. Here we present to you a wide range of different varieties from this interesting deposit - All priced to go!

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Quartz (South Africa)

Boekenhoutshoek, South Africa. 70mm x 40mm.
R 150,00

Quartz (South Africa)

Boekenhoushoek, South Africa. 50mm x 40mm x 30mm.
R 80,00

Spirit Quartz (South Africa)

Boekenhoutshoek, South Africa. 90mm x 55mm x 45mm.
R 150,00 R 80,00