Tennantite on Quartz (Tsumeb, Namibia)

Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Namibia. 120mm x 80mm x 30mm.
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On the 45th Level of Tsumeb a dyke was encountered that consisted of Tennantite on Quartz, this dyke was only around 50cm wide however from here it cut through most levels of the mine and this is where these specimens came from. The largest group that was recovered is on display in the Humboldt Museum in Germany, it is 500mm x 300mm with crystals of Tennantite in the region of 50mm each.

This specimen is 120mm x 80mm with specimens in the region of 15mm each. The history of the Tennantite find is detailed in order to provide a sense of perspective to the specimen we have on offer.